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Invisible gods

An ocean of times and spaces comes and goes in front of us like a theater, a feeling of familiarity and strangeness pervades the image. There is a deeper and timeless order, the place of those invisible gods, although we do not know which gods they are. Situations, objects like particles disperse and occupy different planes of space-time, they are like investitures that have been leaving traces in our skin modifying our DNA. They are as soon as we are them. We could almost say that they manifest themselves, that art brings us that information from another place, that they exist between worlds, they go out and come in, making those worlds immense, and they are. 


Adriana Carrizo

Buitres.  Video  - Fotografía

La sombre de Nietzsche  Video- Fotografía

La Fascinación de la falla   Video- Fotografía- Instalación

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