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Which is the meaning of creating a bridge that has collapsed in its centre and to install it in an exhibition? Is this the way to put into question the function for its creation? It is the failure of the bridge, of all bridges?

Reflections: The bridge has abandoned to be bridge, to become an art object. From an aesthetical point of view, it is the fascination of the flaw, its morphology, its topology, incomprehensible fate, its arrival and its reception in the Museum.

From the point of view of its function, it’s the failure of the bridge, its end, its ruin, its tragedy…but not the loss of its vocation to unify, to communicate.

“A bridge installed in an exhibition is not simply a bridge installed in an exhibition”. It is the one that has in it centre, like a womb, its forces struggling, those that menace it to fall, full of uncertainties, fears, dangers, hopes, liberties, exits; everything in a same place by the oppression of an invisible struggle. A confflicted territory in which the environment has no stability, in which the extremes push hard, its interests, its convictions. An accident of the blindness, an accident of our own actions.


“Expeditions; tracing the disorganized time”



 QasrKhuzam  Jeddah. arabia saudita 2021

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