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Expeditions; tracing the disorganized time.


When the human detaches from reality of a time given as lineal, tear fissures are born, and the perforated worlds full of holes start to be perceived and encompassed. To these universes we embark traveling the works of Hugo Aveta, and only the words of Levi-Strauss in "Tristes trópicos" , never better written, define the feeling in its creative act.


“After all -he writes- I am enslaved by an alternative: I am either the voyager that faces the prodigious spectacle about what i know nothing, or about what I can learn almost nothing or, what is even worse, it would inspire me may be mockery or repugnancy; or I am a modern voyager that runs after the vestiges of a disappeared reality. None of the two situations satisfies me, because I, who regret in front of the shadows, am I not impermeable to the real spectacle that takes shape in this instant, for the observation of which my human formation still lacks the required maturity? In a hundred years time, in this very place, another voyager as desperate as me will cry the desperation of what I could have seen but I have not. Victim of a double invalidity, everything that I am aware of hearts me, and I reproach myself continually for not being capable of looking sufficiently." (Lévi-Strauss 1955: 52).


Adriana Carrizo.

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