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photography -installation

Eyes on the earth


Conditioned by the perpective of drones, satélites and entertaiment industries`effects, contemporary visión is, in a big way, vertical. Hugo Aveta questions this far away position, perpendicular to Earth`s surface. Utilizing video, the artista submerges his views in wáter looking to detect the matter in its particles, its minimal composition and disaggregation movements thats reiterate the choreography of the cosmos. From a starting point of photographs, he delineates a cartography drawn whith asches from books and organic material, sketching picture that go in out photography, once again presenting the paradox of techical means the materiality of images disappears son after their capture. Landscapes, maps, exact coordinates also disappear. What stays is an effervescent pure plane of nearly unreadable sings symptoms of realy which promises different places and demads an intense and horizontal gaze.

Ticio Escobar

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